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Delta County Market Update Q2 2022

grand mesa commercial real estate

City of Delta bought the historic Armory downtown building for their new Police Department. Asbestos removal is undergoing. The City of Delta along with the County purchased the former City Market 21,000 + building to renovate and relocate the downtown…

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Breckenridge Market Update Q2 2022

liv sotheby's breckenridge

We have moved from a Seller’s market to a balanced market in residential real estate. Commercial real estate has not changed with low vacancy rates and stable cap rates. Breckenridge has less than a 1/2 of 1% vacancy rate in…

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Montrose Market Update Q2 2022

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Old Russell Strover retail was purchased by Home Loan bank for bank and Enstrom’s Candies. City of Montrose purchased the downtown Wells Fargo branch for new city hall. Montrose Memorial Hospital has a property under contact to expand. 2021 Q2…

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Chaffee County Market Update Q2 2022

first colorado land office

Chaffee County continues to see a strong housing market. Commercial Real Estate sales volume of $13,092,500, with 15 transactions (YTD) through the second quarter of 2022, down by 29.9% compared to 2021 having $18,689,250 in sales volume consisting of 28…

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Steamboat Springs Market Update Q2 2022

ron wendler seamboat springs

The commercial real estate market traditionally follows residential market trends, at a slower pace. As the 2nd quarter ends, the buyer demand for commercial real estate still is in demand, but inventory is slow to come on the market. A…

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Mesa County Market Update Q2 2022

bray commercial real estate

PUBLIC POLICY CHANGES • Marijuana Regulations: City adopted ordinance No 5070 May 6th for standards, and all applicationswere due by June 8th. 26 of those applicants were selected to move forward to public hearings. Weshould have final results of the…

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Crested Butte Market Update Q2 2022

crested butte liv sotheby's

We are just beginning to notice things slowing down in the real estate marketing in Crested Butte, but here are some notable transactions recently: Key Motel 911 N Main Gunnison Colorado: 30,330 SF, 59. Sold at $5.6 Million. True Value…

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Aspen – Snowmass Market Update Q2 2022

zenith logo realty

The first six months of 2022 have been strong in Aspen in all categories from commercial leasing, residential sales, retail sales and lodging taxes. Commercial lease rates have doubled and residential property prices have increased 59% to 66% in the…

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Glenwood Springs Market Update Q1 2022

Glenwood Springs continues to have a strong commercial sales market for 1st quarter 2022. Investors are still looking for a solid ROI, and strong tenant demand continues in this area. The industrial sector still has a lag of supply to…

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Alamosa Market Update Q1 2022

porter realty

The Downtown market is strong. There is very little vacancy in commercial space. Maverik Gas Station is completed. LITC Apartment “Iron Horse” is nearing completion. The city is doing mass re-zoning and road projects. FRIDAY health plans continues to expand.…

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