Chaffee County Market Update Q3 2022

Chaffee County Market Update Q3 2022

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Chaffee County remains a strong market but is seeing some signs of the slowing and changes within the County.

Commercial Real Estate sales volume of $21,702,500, with 23 transactions (YTD) through the third quarter of 2022, down by 51% compared to 2021 having $44,674,558 in sales volume consisting of 56 transactions. Residential Real Estate sales volume through the third quarter of 2022 is up slightly with sales totaling $255,396,863 (YTD) compared to 2021 sales volume through the third quarter of $255,321,566 (YTD).

The average house price for 2022 in the third quarter, was $701,640 compared to 2021 average home price at $594,652, an increase of 15.25%.

2021 Q3 2022 Q3 %+-
Commercial Sales Volume $44,674,558 $21,702,500 -51.42%
Commercial Transactions 56 23  -58.93%
CAP RATE n/a n/a
All Sales Tax $7,011,418   $7,202,514 +2.65%
Lodging Taxes n/a n/a


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A top-producing realtor since 2000 and owner of First Colorado Land Office since 2006, Jeff Post is a highly respected community leader with a deep commitment toward making a difference. A proud fifth-generation resident of Salida, Colorado, Jeff combines his knowledge and experience in commercial real estate to help Chaffee County attract new business and enhance growth opportunities for existing businesses.